“...independent expert witness reports and testimony across a broad spectrum of cases within family law and crown courts....”

Expert Witness

Our role is to assess and evaluate comprehensively each piece of information in the context of all other information, bringing to bear our psychological expertise in order to synthesise a meaningful and informative opinion so that we might assist the judge in their decision-making.

CTC assist the court through identifying and making sense of key factors and patterns within the psychological development or current functioning of a child, young person, adult or family.

Our assessments are multifactorial and include the use of psychometric and standardised testing, clinical interview and discussion, information from professionals relevant to the case, and the use of observation to assess the interactions between individuals and the dynamics of their relationships.

Court reports

Child & Family
In family law matters, the nature of the parent-child relationship is central to our assessment process, and the welfare of the child is paramount.

Our medico-legal work is founded in vast clinical experience and expertise.


As well as providing evidence in public law proceedings, our experts can assist in private law proceedings.

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