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Adoption Support Agency

The distinctive dynamics and  identity of adoptive family life  means many children and their families face both ordinary and extraordinary challenges.  Support can often be difficult to access through usual routes.

CTC is an Ofsted registered Adoption Support Agency.  Since registration in 2014, we have developed successful partnerships with organisations such as Together for Adoption, Cumbria County Council and Adoption in Merseyside.

Children who have been adopted have had challenging early life experiences and this can affect how they see themselves, the world and other people.

These difficulties often show themselves through relationships, and it is by enhancing the understanding and safety within relationships that healing can occur.

Our role is to help with that healing, and the forming of healthy and safe relationships  between the child, their family and the professionals who are part of their wider support network.

We can help families to develop a deeper understanding of the impact of life experiences and parenting on a child’s emotional and social understanding and their ability to regulate their emotions.

This understanding enables us to develop a mind-minded approach to making sense of children’s presentations and the challenges that they and their families face.

“...therapeutic Parenting is key in children’s recovery from early adversity, as is individual and parent-child psychotherapy...”

Psycho-educational Training

CTC offers a full range of therapeutic interventions at all levels of the family, from individual child psychotherapy and parental consultations to whole family sessions.

We know that parenting in an adoptive family can sometimes raise difficult feelings, and we offer a safe, confidential, space in which parents can reflect on their own experiences.

We are able to provide continuing support over a considerable length of time as well as briefer interventions.

We also offer psycho-educational training and group therapy to enable parents to feel better equipped and supported in their parenting.  This provides a great opportunity to meet other parents in similar situations.

Charlie Bear's Adoption Support

Coming this Summer (2022), Charlie Bear will be here with some information about how our team at CTC can help you and your family.

Charlie will let you know what it will be like, and what you might do at CTC.  Things like:  What is an assessment?  What kind of therapy will I have?  What games and toys do you have in your play room?

We hope Charlie Bear’s questions and answers will help you feel confident before coming to see us.

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