Ruth Barrett



My name is Ruth Barrett and I am a Counsellor at CTC Psychological Services.

I have completed a Level 6 Diploma in Counselling and have achieved a Distinction in Child Development which is a part of a B.A. (Hons) Psychology degree.  I have also completed a PGCE in Secondary Education with a Specialism in Religious Studies and Philosophy and I have over two decades of experience in working as a qualified teacher.  I am a member of BACP and possess enhanced DBS. 

Therapy and Assessment Work 

I am employed by CTC Psychological Services where I am involved in providing therapeutic intervention to both adults and children. This also involves observing and conducting parenting and general psychological assessments on a diverse client base (i.e. children, young people, adults and families), which incorporates comprehensive psychometric assessment and observing clinical assessment. 

This work involves multi-agency referrals and working in close association with external professional agencies.


Summary of Psychology Related Training & Qualifications 

Child Development Module as part of a B.A. (Hons) Psychology Degree 

Diploma in Counselling – 2011 – 2012 

M.A. Clinical Counselling – 2016 – 2019 

This qualifies me as a Counsellor to work with children and adults.

Personal Development & Training

– March 2019 – Attendance at a workshop held by Dr Anna Constantine on the topic of sex and sexuality in counselling practice 

– December 2018 – Attendance at a workshop held by Dr Tracey Clare on the topic of BACP Ethical Guidelines in Practice 

– October 2018 – Attendance at a Workshop held by Andrew Reeves of BACP on the topic of Suicide Prevention and Risk Assessment 

– September 2018 – Safeguarding of Young People within Education Training 

– September 2018 – Prevent Strategy Training 

– September 2018 – Ofsted Training in relation to the provision of counselling for adopted children 

– September 2017 – Baby Brain Development 

– September 2017 – Attachment in Practice

September 2017 – The People Kept Below – Study of Dissociative Identity Disorder 

– September 2017 – Environmental and Family Influences on Brain Development 

– September 2017 – Traumatic Brain Development 

– September 2017 – The Dissociated Child and Imaginary Companions 

– September 2017 – Attachment and Trauma Learning 

– September 2017 – Trauma and Brain Behaviour 

– September 2017 – Optimising Learning in Traumatised Children 

– March 2017 – Attendance at a workshop held by Dr Nicola Forshaw on the topic of Counselling within IAPT Services in the NHS 

– February 2017 – Attendance at workshop held by Dr Nicole Forshaw on the topic of CBT 

– January 2017 – Attendance at workshop held by Dr Anne Lé Surf on the topic of Psychodynamic Approaches in Counselling 

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