rebecca Ronan

Assistant Psychologist


am employed by CTC Psychological Services where I am involved in assisting the provision of therapeutic intervention to both adults and children.  I am involved in observing and conducting parenting and general psychological assessments on a diverse client base (i.e. children, young people, adults and families), which incorporates comprehensive psychometric assessment and observing clinical assessment. This work involves multi-agency referrals and working in close association with external professional agencies.


I have a First-Class BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology, obtained from Dublin City University, Ireland. This degree is accredited by the Psychological Society of Ireland and thus, recognised by the British Psychological Society as conferring the Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership.

Personal Development & Training

Trained in the administration and scoring of WAIS-IVUK, WISC-VUK, WISC-IVUK, WPPSI-IIIUK and WPPSI-IVUK (August 2020).

Trained in the administration, scoring and interpretation of the Family Relation Test (FRT) (August 2020).

Trained in the administration and scoring of a range of psychometric assessments tools (August 2020).

Baby Brain Development (August 2020).

Attachment in Practice (August 2020).

The People Kept Below – Study of Dissociative Identity Disorder (August 2020).

Environmental and Family Influences on Brain Development (August 2020).

Traumatic Brain Development (August 2020).

The Dissociated Child and Imaginary Companion (August 2020).

Attachment and Trauma Learning (August 2020).

Trauma and Brain Behaviour (August 2020).

Optimising Learning in Traumatised Children (August 2020).

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