Joshua Barlow

Assistant Psychologist


I am employed by CTC Psychological Services where I am involved in assisting the provision of therapeutic intervention to both adults and children.  I am involved in observing and conducting parenting and general psychological assessments on a diverse client base (i.e. children, young people, adults and families), which incorporates comprehensive psychometric assessment and observing clinical assessment. This work involves multi-agency referrals and working in close association with external professional agencies. 


I achieved a first-class BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology from Bangor University.  This experience inspired me to take education further, leading to me obtaining a distinction level MSc Psychological Research degree from Bangor University.

I am a Graduate Member of The British Psychological Society and a member of the Division of Clinical Psychology as well as the developmental psychology section. I have Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC).

Personal Development & Training

Trained in the administration and scoring of WAIS-IVUK, WISC-VUK, WISC-IVUK, WPPSI-IIIUK and WPPSI-IVUK ( 2021).

Trained in the administration, scoring and interpretation of the Family Relation Test (FRT) (2021).

Trained in the administration and scoring of a range of psychometric assessments tools (2021).

NSPCC Safeguarding Training (2021)

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