CTC Psychological Services has provided a unique therapeutic and psychological service for 30 years. Our team of professionals and support staff are caring, welcoming, highly skilled and extremely motivated to provide a high quality service in Expert Witness, Therapy, Training, Consultancy and Supervision. A multi-disciplinary team approach successfully integrates a wide range of established and contemporary psychotherapeutic and psychological theories, underpinned by our understanding of the individual and unique psychological needs of our clients.
We pride ourselves on our ability to provide an individually tailored service to meet your specific needs, or those of your organisation.
Our team of professionals and support staff are caring, welcoming and highly skilled.  We are committed to excellence, and to making a valuable contribution to the lives of those whose futures may be influenced by our service provision. We provide a wide range of highly skilled and specialised services, including psychological assessment, therapy, training and consultancy.  We are an Ofsted registered Adoption Support Agency.  We provide our services to individuals of all ages, couples, families, groups and organisations.  We undertake psychological assessments for the purpose of advising on and providing therapeutic intervention, and for providing reports and Expert Witness testimony, predominantly in child and family cases. We have undertaken both assessment and therapy for many Local Authorities for Children Looked After and placed for and in Adoptive Placements, and we have provided dedicated services to LAC and Adoption Services.  This involves psychological assessment and therapeutic intervention, as well as providing case supervision to Social Workers. Whilst we work with children and adults across the age range, with a diverse range of needs, much of our service provision involves working with or in relation to children, the prime objective being the welfare of the child.  Safeguarding is paramount, and child protection considerations are incorporated into our practice. Through continuing professional development, we continue to expand the knowledge base of our team and increase the range of services we can offer, providing both in house and external training opportunities that further extend our team’s range of skills and expertise. We provide a supportive environment in which both staff and service users are treated with respect and compassion, and we are committed to promoting equality and diversity.

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