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Adoption Support

Whether it's child or younger child assessment, our therapy involves playing with blocks, solve puzzles, and even do tasks on an iPad. You can draw and paint, play games...

Expert Witness

Following instruction from Solicitors, Social Services and Insurance Companies, our team of clinicians provide assessment and expert opinion...

Therapy & Counselling

We all have important things in common, yet we each have unique qualities and experiences.  At CTC, we strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment...
“The support we have received as a family has been invaluable. Our children have blossomed emotionally thanks to the care receive directly in their play sessions and from us, thanks to the guidance we get in our parent sessions. We can’t stress enough how much you can get out of this service. Knowing that your children have the space and support they need to work through and overcome the challenges and worries of their early years before adoption, is very comforting as a parent. Seeing the progress with your own eyes as your children grow emotionally is amazing.  We cannot thank CTC enough for what they do for our family. We have seen two nervous children blossom into confident, outgoing, secure children with a very positive outlook on life.” Paul Duffy-Woods, Adoptive parent

— Adoption Support